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Spring 2015 Advanced Bactiophage Genetics Course Applications now available! Applications for Spring 2015 Classroom-based Reseach Course in Advanced Bacteriophage Genetics are available here! Limited seats so apply soon!

Now accepting applications for Spring 2015 PHAGES course!  Freshmen interested in conducting research in the UNT SEA-PHAGES program may apply to enroll in the spring section of BIOL 1750 - Introductory Biology Research Laboratory I.  Applications available here.  Apply now - limited seats.

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UNT-HHMI Program Overview

Through grants to UNT from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the University of North Texas is proud to offer several programs which provide  research opportunities to undergraduate Biology and Biochemistry majors and provide transfer students with the tools necessary to transition to university-level science successfully.  

The Undergraduate Research Program and Classroom-based Research Courses give UNT junior and senior Biology and Biochemistry majors the opportunity to perform hands-on research as an undergraduate, and the Summer Transitions Program for community college students offers workshops, seminars, and mentored research opportunities to ensure that their transition to university level science is successful.

Undergraduate Researchers Program- The UNT-HHMI Undergraduate Research Program began in Spring 2011, and offers current UNT students the opportunity to engage in a PAID research experience in the laboratory of an active biology or biochemistry researcher at UNT. Students are paid $10 an hour, and spend 8 hours a week during fall and spring semesters performing research, and 40 hours a week over the 10 week summer semester. Students also receive stipends for printing research posters, support for travel to a conference, and a stipend for laboratory supplies. 

New Curriculum Development- Through UNT’s HHMI grant, UNT is developing upper-level research-based laboratory courses in the renovated Classroom Research Laboratory (CRL). These upper level courses provide students with the opportunity to contribute to the research of UNT faculty in a course setting.  New research-based lab courses are scheduled to be introduced each fall through 2014. These courses provide students with authentic research experiences through guided laboratory instruction.

Summer Transitions Program for Community College Students-The Summer Transitions Program for community college students is designed as a two tiered program.  UNT is partnering with Brookhaven College, Eastfield College, El Centro College, and Richland College of the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) for this program, but students from any community college may apply to attend.  The Transitions Summer Workshop targets 16 community college students who are completing their first year of college-level science coursework. The program provides these students with academic success skills and an introduction to research methods at the university level.   This is held on the UNT campus in Denton.  Students receive a $1,500 stipend for their participation. The experience is 5 weeks long and is conducted in June and early July.

Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science (PHAGES)-The PHAGES program provides a year-long research experience for freshmen. Participants isolate bacteriophage (viruses that infect bacteria) from a soil sample of their choosing, characterize their phage isolate, and perform genetic analysis on the genome sequence of one or more of these phage. Biology and biochemistry majors receive credit that can be used to satisfy a portion of their Natural Sciences and Discovery core curriculum requirements.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator:

Email: UNT-HHMI@unt.edu

Phone: (940) 369-7261

Office: Life Sciences A223

Program Director: Dr. Lee Hughes

Email: lhughes@unt.edu

Phone: (940) 565-4137

Ofice: Life Sciences A223

Mailing Address:                     

University of North Texas

UNT-HHMI Program Office

Department of Biological Sciences

155 Union circle #305220

Denton, TX 76203-5017

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