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Frequently Asked Questions

[NOTE: This program has been discontinued and is no longer accepting applications as of 2015]

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are international students eligible to participate in UNT-HHMI programs?

Answer: Yes, international students are eligible to participate in UNT-HHMI programs.

2. I have another job and am not sure if I can commit to 40 hours a week during the summer semester. Should I still apply?

Answer: Priority will be given to applicants who can commit to the entire one year program. Students who begin in the fall or spring will be expected to continue through the summer program. Exceptions may be granted for students who are accepted to nationally-competitive summer research experiences.

3. Does my letter of recommendation have to come from a professor at UNT?

Answer: No, your letter of recommendation may come from any former or current college-level Biology or Biochemistry instructor.

4. How will research mentors and research topics be assigned?

Answer: Placement of participants with a research mentor will be coordinated between the UNT-HHMI Advisory Board, research mentors, the program coordinator, and the selected students. This placement will be primarily based upon the participant's research interest and available laboratory spaces. Research projects will then be developed under the supervision of the research mentor.

5. What will be my work/research schedule?

Answer: Undergraduate researcher participants will spend 8 hours per week performing research during the spring and fall semesters, and 40 hours per week during the 10 week summer session. The specific times that you spend performing research will be determined by the research mentor and the undergraduate researcher participant.

6. I will be graduating before I will be able to complete the 3 semesters UNT-HHMI URP participation. Can I still apply?

Answer: Yes, students are eligible to participate in the UNT-HHMI URP for up to 3 semesters, but will still be eligible to participate for less than 3 semesters if they will be graduating. Students who participate in less than 2 semesters will not be eligible for conference travel funding.

7. Would I be able to participate in the UNT-HHMI URP if I am not pre-major complete or junior classification?

Answer: All applicants must at least be co-enrolled in the classes necessary to complete their pre-major during the semester they will begin participation in the program. Participants must also be classified as UNT juniors or seniors at the time they begin the research experience. Students who do not meet these requirements will not be able to participate in the UNT-HHMI URP.